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Customising the About tab

Customising the About tab


The About tab appears on every page and contains a range of details about the conservation area, organisation or project. The page manager needs to provide some description text for the page but the rest of the details are optional, so they will only appear to page visitors if the manager has included the information. You can also share documents and show the relationship between your page and other pages (help on editing these relationships is given here).

Adding details to your area/organisation page

  1. Log in to Izele and go to the page that you manage.
  2. Go to the About tab and notice that you can add a description of your area/organisation and can specify the Organisation homepage, Organisation type, Area covered, Year established, IUCN category, Address and Telephone.
  3. Edit the text for any of these details by clicking on the edit text button on the right. If you do not add text to a detail box then it will not appear to page visitors.
  4. For conservation areas, you have the option to select the IUCN Category that describes your site by choosing one of the different options.
  5. To save the text you have added, click on the green tick button.

Sharing PDF documents

  1. In the Shared documents section, click on the Manage documents button.
  2. Click in the Dialog box and choose the pdf file that you want to upload.
  3. Wait while the file is uploaded.
  4. The file should appear as a list, showing the Title of the document. If you want, add a brief description of the file and then click on the green Update button. Close the dialog box to see that the document has been added.
  5. To remove a document, click on the Manage documents button and in the dialog box click on the red cross next to the document details. CLick OK to say you want the file to be deleted.