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Making a great Izele personal page

Making a great Izele personal page


Everyone who signs up to Izele has a personal page that lets you update your details and lists the pages that you like and manage. Izele also give you the option to make this page public, so that everyone can see it and you can share news and information with the wider world. Whether you make your page public or not, there are lots of ways of making your personal page more interesting and visually appealing.


Great images will make a huge difference to your page. You should use high resolution images, so they are sharp and not blurry, and pictures that are bright and colourful.

Your banner image should allow for the fact that (a) the bottom quarter of the image will be partly covered by your name, profile picture and “follow” icon, and (b) when looking at your page on a smartphone screen, the image will be cropped and so the sections at the edges will not be displayed.

The dimensions of the image on the widest screens is 1140 pixels x 275 pixels; if you upload a larger image it will be automatically resized, but a smaller image may look blurry.

Ideally, your banner image should not contain words or logos, as the information may not make sense when cropped.

Your profile picture should be square, so it is a good idea to choose an image that either has similar dimensions (150 x 150 pixels), or that can be cropped to this size.

Please make sure you have permission to use any photos that you upload to your page.

News feed tab.png News feed tab

The news feed on your personal page can either show your own posts or the posts of pages you like.

If you have public Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts then you can link them to your page news feed. This means new posts will be automatically added to your News Feed Tab, keeping your page fresh and ensuring people can read your latest news. One helpful option is that you can filter your posts by keywords, so that your news feed only contains posts that are relevant to wildlife and nature conservation. If you do not have any social media accounts, then you can post news directly to your news feed. Adding posts with good quality photos attached will make your page much more welcoming to visitors.

Alternatively, if you do not want to share any posts then you can simply set the default view on your news feed to show posts from pages you like.

Map tab.png Map tab

By adding the map tab to your personal page you can see the locations of all the conservation areas with pages on Izele that you have shown you have visited by clicking on the Footprint icon on their page. The more places you have visited, the more icons will appear on your personal page map.

Species tab.png Species tab

Adding the Species Tab to your personal page provides an easy way of sharing interesting information and beautiful photos of the species that you have seen and are important to you.

About tab.png About tab

The About Tab shows information about the pages you like and manage, the people you follow and the places you have visited. It also lets you share information about yourself, including your contact details and social media accounts.