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Making a great Izele page for your organisation

Making a great Izele page for your organisation


A great Izele page provides all the up-to-date information that people want to know about your conservation area, group, business or project, and presents it in a way that is easy to read and visually appealing.


Great images will make a huge difference to your page. You should use high resolution images, so they are sharp and not blurry, and pictures that are bright and colourful.

Your banner image should allow for the fact that (a) the bottom quarter of the image will be partly covered by the title text, profile picture, favourite icon and (depending on the page) footprint icon, and (b) when looking at your page on a smartphone screen, the image will be cropped and so the sections at the edges will not be displayed.

The dimensions of the image on the widest screens is 1140 pixels x 275 pixels; if you upload a larger image it will be automatically resized, but a smaller image may look blurry.

Ideally, your banner image should not contain words or logos, as the information will just repeat what is shown in the page title text and profile picture and may not make sense when cropped.

Your profile picture should be square, so it is a good idea to choose an image or logo that either has similar dimensions (150 x 150 pixels), or that can be cropped to this size.

Please make sure you have permission to use any photos that you upload to your page.

Home tab.png Home tab

Your Home Tab is the first thing that anyone sees when they visit your page. Adding a beautiful photo and an informative summary about your organisation will really help to make your page great. The other components on the Home Tab summarise information from your News feed Tab, Map Tab and Species Tab. So, you can makes these components look as good as possible by making sure your news feed shows your latest posts, adding your location to the map and listing the species that you work with.

News feed tab.png News feed tab

If you have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts then please link them to your page news feed. This means new posts will be automatically added to your News Feed Tab, keeping your page fresh and ensuring people can read your latest news.

If you do not have any social media accounts, then you can post news directly to your news feed. Adding posts with good quality photos attached will make your page much more welcoming to visitors.

Amenities tab.png Amenities tab

This tab is designed for conservation areas, ecotourism ventures and other conservation businesses.

In the overview section, add all the activities that are available to visitors. If an activity is missing from the list of options, then please email us ( so we can add it.

During the COVID-19 pandemic you can also specify which activities are available and which have been put on hold. You can also provide more details on how you have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and what you are doing to keep visitors safe.

In the overview section you can add a link to your TripAdvisor page if you have one.

The Amenities Tab also lets you share information, where relevant, on the accommodation, food, shopping options and activities available at your site. Remember to provide as much information as possible and to include high quality photos to illustrate the services you provide. This information will also appear on the Izele maps, so remember to add your location on the Map Tab so people can see what’s available and where.

Map tab.png Map tab

By adding your location to your Map Tab, you let people know where you are and how to find you.

Conservation areas, groups and businesses can either show your location as a point or a polygon. Polygons are best for conservation areas and you can upload a KML file, either by creating one in Google Earth or creating/exporting one using a geographical information system software package like QGIS. If you have any trouble with this then please email us (

Conservation projects can specify a rectangular frame within which they work and other groups that do not want to provide a precise location for their work can do the same.

Species tab.png Species tab

The Species Tab provides an easy way of sharing interesting information and beautiful photos of the species that are important to you.

If your page is for a conservation area, then you can add the bird and mammal species found at your site to your species list, and select the option to show photos of the ones that will be of most interest to your page visitors. If you are worried that including a species in your species list could cause problems, e.g. by giving information to potential poachers, then please do not add it.

If your page is for an organisation or business, then you can use your species list to include any species that you are helping and show their photos. If your organisation is working to conserve a species that is not included in the Izele system then please email us ( with the details so that we can add it.

About tab.png About tab

The About Tab provides the details that people want to know about your conservation area, group, business or project. This should be about who you are and what you do, as well as all your relevant contact information. This page also lets you share relevant documents.

The other important function of the About Tab is that it lets you show who are your partners, donors, supporters and beneficiaries. By detailing how you relate to these other organisations, you can show your networks and make it easier for people to follow links to other pages.

Interactions with page visitors

Once your page is ready, people can leave comments on your news feed (if you have enabled that option) and make your page one of their favourites. If your page is for a conservation area, or a conservation group or business with a physical location, they can also click on the footprint icon to show they have visited.