Frequently Asked Questions

What does Izele do?

Izele is designed so that people managing conservation areas, conservation organisations and conservation projects can share information, photos and maps with their visitors, neighbours and project partners. By creating this online community, Izele also lets anyone interested in nature and conservation engage with conservationists around the world and share their passion.

How should I use Izele?

Izele is designed to be used in two main ways. Conservation areas, organisations and projects can use Izele to share information, bring together all their social media messages and put themselves on the map. Individuals can use Izele to learn more about their favourite conservation areas, organisations and projects and to interact with different conservationists and other people with a passion for nature.

Can I just view the site, or do I need to login?

You can view the information on the site without logging in. Logging in will let you create a profile and add posts, comments, likes and favourites.

Can I use Izele on my mobile phone and tablet devices?

Yes, Izele is designed to work on multiple devices and different screen sizes.

I already have a Facebook account, can I login with that?

Yes. Just click the Facebook icon on the log in page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can register for an Izele account using your email address, which only takes a few seconds.

How can I add a page for my conservation area or conservation organisation?

Once you have signed up, it is easy to create a new page for your area, organisation or project. The details are listed here in the Creating pages section.

Why should I and my organisation participate?

Izele is a great way to share information about your organisation and promote all the good things you are doing. Izele brings all your social media into one place to view and complements your existing web sites and marketing materials. By using Izele you’re expanding and improving the way you communicate with your network. Izele also provides a way for someone who hasn’t heard of your conservation area or organisation to find out about it through visiting the website and seeing it on the map. As the network builds, more and more people will visit Izele to find out about one conservation area or organisation and then discover others.

How do I provide feedback?

Please provide your feedback to Izele by emailing We welcome any comments on what works well and what could be improved or added.

Something isn’t working properly, who should I tell?

If you are logged in, a feedback link appears at the bottom of every page. Otherwise, you can email us at We really appreciate your feedback, which will be used to improve Izele.

How will Izele change in the future?

At every stage we will be improving Izele and adding functionality so that it becomes the social network for everyone who cares about nature. If you are interested in funding the development of particular features or setting up a network in a particular place then please get in touch by emailing

How can I remove my Izele account?

Please email with your request and we will remove your account and associated data promptly.