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Showing you have visited a place

Showing you have visited a place


Izele lets you show that you have visited a conservation area, organisation or project by clicking on the Footprint icon on their page. The Footprint icon only appears on some Izele pages, as each page manager has control over whether it is shown.

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  1. Check that the page has a Footprint icon. If present, it is found next to the Like icon in the bottom right hand corner of the banner image of the page
  2. Point at the grey-coloured Footprint icon.
  3. If you have not logged in, you will see the message “Log in to update your visitor status”. You will then need to log in.
  4. If you have logged in, you will see the message “Click to mark that you have visited this place”.
  5. Click on the footprint icon and it should turn from grey to yellow, showing that you have visited the place.

If you click the Footprint icon by mistake, click on it again and it should change from yellow to grey.