Why sign up?

Izele is the online social network for people who care about nature. It is a website that lets conservation areas, groups, businesses and projects share news and information with their neighbours, visitors, members and supporters. Izele works on computers, tablets and smart phones and aims to put all conservation areas on the map and to give all conservation organisations a voice in the online world.

Interested in nature?

Join Izele to create a personal news feed showing posts from the pages you like and post comments and photos. You can also customise your personal pages to show your favourite species and see a map of the places you have visited.

Manage a conservation area, group, business or project?

Join Izele to create new pages for your conservation area, group, business and projects.

Who should create an Izele page?

How to create a page

To create a page, first register for an Izele account and log in. Then go to the user menu () and select "Create a new page".

During this initial stage, you can only create pages for conservation areas and groups in Eswatini, Mozambique and South Africa.

Visit the help section for more information on how to register, create pages and customise your content.