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Wildlands is a leading Environmental NPO working with disadvantaged communities across the country. Our vision is ‘A Sustainable Future For All’ where we strive to improve sustainability in the communities we work in, restore degraded landscapes and conserve our collective heritage. By teaching these communities we hope to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in which they can lift themselves out of poverty. The life changing work that Wildlands does is structured around seven programmes carried out across 12 Ecosystem Based Adaptation (CEBA) clusters in six provinces. Our programmes are complimentary and all contribute towards our core focus of building robust ecosystems that underwrite human wellbeing and sustainable development. The seven innovative and inspirational programmes are: 1. Trees for Life 2. Greening your Future 3. Recycling for Life 4. Clothes for Life 5. Ubuntu Earth 6. Khuthaza Business 7. Conservation SPACE

Address Suite 3 Office Park 1, Hilton Avenue, Quarry Shopping Centre, Hilton 3245
Phone 033 343 6380
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