Khelekhele Community Lodge (KCL)


This lodge is currently under renovation. More information to follow once it is complete. The lodge is on the edge of Swaziland’s only known beach, at least one hectare of deep soft river sand that has been deposited in front of the lodge. This is a perfect place to bring kids because the pools are sand bottomed, shallow and there is no fierce current in this area where the river is broad and slow flowing. Unlike Kopho there are no potentially dangerous drops for kids. The beach is very exposed to the sun, you might think of bringing shade and sun screen if needed.



The beach is at the entrance to the gorge, there is a path on the north bank that meanders for kilometers downstream. In winter the water is clear and a pleasant jade green colour, one can sit on the bank and watch schools of fish moving about or simply move from pool to pool, in a leisurely swim-walk. It is quite easy to go farther than you realise because it is so pleasant and then face a fairly stiff walk back. Ultimately the route can take you right through the gorge and you come out at Siphofaneni, but most people would never go that far. You can certainly go as far as the area beneath Kopho Lodge, high on a promontory above you and back in a day without much strain. Take lunch and water. You could also walk from one lodge to the other, if you have organised a pick up. The easier direction is from Kopho to Khelekhele.

All Out Africa offer an interesting adventure experience in Ngwempisi Gsorge: tubing. They drop you off at Khelekhele with a car inner tube, lifejacket, helmet etc and you float down the beautiful river. At times the experience is slow and mellow, at others, when the current picks up, there is a very real thrill. You go downstream for about five kilometers in this way, passing superb scenery, majestic trees line the banks in places, offering deep green shade. At other times the walls of the gorge are towering rocky cliffs. Just below Kopho you deflate the tube, climb up the hill to Kopho Lodge to a welcome beer and spend the night in the unique rock lodge setting before going back.

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