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The country has changed its name (decision of the absolute monarch) from Swaziland to eSwatini.

The candle factory is still called Swazi Candles though, and any tour or cabbie should know how to get there. Fascinating watching the candlemaking process, all done by hand by eSwatini artisans. You can find candles in the form of African animals of all kinds, as well as column-type candles decorated with animal skin patterns (zebra, giraffe, leopard, etc.) in every shape and size. Prices are very reasonable for a hand craft. Since unemployment in eSwatini is over 40%, this little factory provides jobs and income for a number of citizens. The factory also now makes soaps in the same designs. In addition to the candles, there is a fine batik shop, and general African souvenir shop, and snack bar (bathrooms too) and an adjacent open air craft market specializing in banners and carved animals and human figures; many with the artists demonstrating their techniques.

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