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DUCT’s vision is an ecologically healthy and biologically diverse uMngeni-uMsunduzi river system that provides sustained ecological goods and services for the communities that depend on them for their survival. We envisage that our communities will show respect for the rivers and will take ownership and responsibility for the condition of the rivers, seeking to preserve their natural function and beauty. We envisage rivers where water quality and quantity are maintained at acceptable norms with healthy natural riparian zones and where the biological diversity is preserved. We have a vision of a community where all residents possess a basic understanding and appreciation of their river ecosystems. We see government, business, the scientific community and civil society cooperating in providing the resources to effectively manage the river systems. Our Role: We recognise that the problems with the health of the rivers are large and have not developed overnight. Our vision is ambitious and will only be achieved through progressive, combined and sustained actions by government and civil society. Our role is to raise awareness of problems with river health; develop, demonstrate and encourage the adoption of solutions to these problems; support and learn from people and communities who wish to make a difference or are already making a difference to the health of their rivers, and; actively engage in river health projects, education and capacity building. We work in partnership with other organisations, whether from civil society or government, who share our vision. Our Mission: To champion the environmental health of the uMngeni and uMsunduzi Rivers Our Motto: "Healthy Rivers = Healthy People"

Address 4 Edmond Place, Camps Drift, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Phone 0333457571
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