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Southern Reedbuck

Our mission is to support sustainable resource utilization, and to conserve wildlife and their habitats in the Balgowan Conservancy for the benefit of present and future generations by stimulating interest and active participation among all residents of the community through communication and education. Our objectives are to: (1) stimulate interest and active participation by the all members of the Balgowan community in the protection, rehabilitation and conservation of all wildlife, fauna and flora, in the Balgowan Valley of KwaZulu-Natal; (2) create environmental conservation awareness amongst members of the community through communication and education, specifically with reference to the statutory regulations protecting the environment, wildlife, fauna and flora; (3) promote eco-tourism, and; (4) encourage social interaction amongst all members of the Balgowan community to ensure that they are commonly committed to the Conservancy's objective of protecting the natural heritage of the Balgowan Valley for the benefit of future generations.

Address Alpacca House, Caversham, BALGOWAN 3275
Phone +27 82 569 9116
Organisation type Conservancy
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